Online Expectations

Live Lessons Protocol for staff, students and parents:

Keeping us all safe:

The majority of our live lessons will be delivered through Microsoft live events.  Using a live event within TEAMS has several advantages:

  • Only staff member on footage and the staff member can choose whether to show their video or not
  • Staff in complete control over what is seen on question and answer facility
  • Microsoft automatically records the event, a student can then access this later and catch up if necessary or use this session for revision

Online remote expectations for all:

  • Staff and students are to follow the OIEA behaviour policy
  • Students should where possible be in a public area within their household, though we appreciate due to other family members this may not be possible. If this is the case parents need to monitor their child’s online use
  • Staff and students to be appropriately dressed e.g not in sleep wear
  • Staff will ensure where possible they are in a room with no other members of their household. Staff to ensure that they have a neutral background if this is not possible use a background from TEAMS.
  • Staff will ensure that all members of their household are aware they may be heard when they are presenting
  • Staff to be aware of what other tabs they have open, all must be appropriate to share with students
  • Staff to recap the expectations at the start of each session
  • If using TEAMS staff must disable the chat function unless being used within the lesson and monitored. Guide to creating a messaging policy.
  • If using TEAMS students must have their camera and microphone turned off unless otherwise directed by the teacher, staff must remind students of this each
  • The SENCO will ensure that SENd students are aware of expectations for using TEAMS and are able to access the TEAMS lesson
  • Parents please be aware that if your child turns their mic on to answer a question you and other members of your household may be heard
  • If using TEAMS to deliver an online lesson staff must tell students that it will be recorded, this is so students can access it at another time if necessary
  • Safeguarding concerns to be reported as usual according to academy policy immediately
  • Students, staff and parents are only to use school emails to contact one another. The academy’s email etiquette must also be followed.