Our Community

We are proud to be part of a broader community and where there are opportunities to educate our students beyond the classroom and within the community, we build the pathways. Such opportunities beyond the classroom provide our students with the rich and broad curriculum we know is essential. 

We provide a range of opportunities for our student community through our extensive enrichment programmes, as well as bringing the local community together through shared activities, long term projects and access to our excellent facilities.

#WeWill Explore Youth Social Action Project

#WeWill Explore encourages pupils and families to enjoy the great outdoors, being active whilst incorporating elements of youth social action. Pupils will design and take part in orienteering and geocache routes within academy grounds and around the local community for all to enjoy. Linked to statutory KS2 and KS3 PE curriculum through Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) and Fitness SOW. Supports Geography KS2 and KS3 curriculum – map/navigation skills and the use of GIS. The wonders and flexibility of geocaching is such that academies and pupils will be able to take ownership of geocache themes, whether that be through spreading messages of joy and happiness across the community or by keeping curriculum depth at its core through a variety of cross-curricular links and activities.

#WeWill Explore has explicit links to personal development within the Ofsted Framework by developing pupils’ confidence, resilience, and knowledge so they can keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. Furthermore, through the projects elements of social action and active citizenship, pupils will develop their character which gives them the qualities they need to flourish in society.

“Leaders have improved the school’s educational provision and, along with staff, have strengthened the school’s standing in the community.”

Ofsted, March 2021

Unity in the Community

Project Achievements

  • Litter picks in the community
  • Care home visits
  • Christmas cards delivered to care homes
  • Christmas event for the Royal British Legion and P3
  • Over 60 care packages for the homeless
  • Self esteem workshops with Humanutopia
  • Team heroes mentors
  • Unite performing arts performances

Unity in the Community is an #iwill project run with student volunteers at the academy. The main focus areas are:

  • Cleaning up the environment
  • Helping the elderly
  • Helping the homeless
  • Bullying/self-esteem

“It’s all about young people giving something back to the community and hopefully some of the things that we will be doing will help to make their futures better.”

C – Year 10

“I decided to join Unity in the Community as I wanted to try something new. I find the idea of helping people and going on trips exciting.”

E – Year 10