House Information


The house system at the academy has been designed to compliment our vision of a school for the whole community, a school which everyone feels they actively belong to. The houses enable students to build strong relationships within the school and their house community encouraging a feeling of identity and belonging. High standards, a sense of pride, equality, inclusivity and diversity are evident within and between our four houses.

Structure and organisation

There are four houses, each led by a Head of House and linked to member of the leadership team. There are also House Achievement Co-ordinators who support the Head of House with the pastoral care and academic achievement of each individual student. Every student who attends OIEA is assigned to a house and they remain within it until they leave. Siblings are placed in the same houses.

Students are organised into horizontal tutor groups. Each tutor group is a member of a specific house. Within each house there are student voice representatives who share the views of their year at house meetings.

The house system is a very important part of Academy life. The houses are:

The focus of each house is based around an ethos of caring, teamwork, responsibility, support, achievement and enjoyment. Over the course of the year, there are numerous house events. There is something to cater for everyone’s interests.

Each week we will be running inter-house competitions. Check out the flyers below for details.