Our CPD offer

Effective continuing professional development (CPD) is at the heart of our work to engage, develop and retain talented staff within the trust central team and schools in each of our regions. It is a core part of securing effective outcomes for our children. It cannot exist in isolation, rather it requires a pervasive culture of scholarship with a shared commitment for support one another and to develop, so that pupils benefit from the highest quality or support, teaching and care. The thousands of professional decisions that must be made every day need to be informed by the best evidence, knowledge, skill and professional wisdom.

Our CPD offer operates at may levels from school-based CPD, to regional CPD opportunities to national and trust-wider CPD courses, training and events. And in some cases, we are also able to offer these opportunities to other non-OAT schools and trusts.

It is our ambition to ensure the CPD offer/package captures the needs of all career stages and levels, and one that continually adapts to ever-changing needs.

Our CPD offer provides access to the wider trust offer, providing school weekly CPD sessions. Much of this time will be re-allocated to faculty specific CPD as we respect the autonomy and subject specificity of subjects and believe collaborative working is ‘where the magic’ happens.