Our Vision and Values

Believing that outstanding education transforms lives. Persisting until we succeed.

We are proud to define our vision and ethos as ‘Believing that outstanding education transforms lives. Persisting until we succeed.’.

Our mission is for our students to develop a love of learning and to equip them to be determined, self- motivated, effective and engaged learners, overcoming any barriers to their aspirations. We aim for all students to fulfil their limitless potential, through outstanding education and perseverance.

In order to do this we have created an innovative, inclusive and challenging curriculum to help them to learn over time and to build on their learning preparing them for each year at the academy and the years to come in their future, teaching them how to learn and inspiring them to keep learning.

Our vision is to create a learning environment where all students and staff can excel, where learning is conducted with passion and interest and where success is valued by all.

Our highly trained staff are here to support, guide and inspire our students so that whatever their starting point when they arrive, and they are here to learn. We provide weekly training and support for our staff so that lifelong learning is also inspired in them and so that we can continue to improve and exceed our own expectations, making us true role models for our students.

We aim to provide the best opportunities for all our students and promote the sense of moral and social responsibility to ensure all members of our community feel the respect and kindness of their peers, celebrate diversity, strive for equality and have a voice which they use as a force for positive change.

Our house pledges are aimed to target skills in students that not only support their ability to learn and learn better but also to target the key skills young adults needs in themselves to fit in and someday lead in the world around them.

We are a values-led organisation, and it is our aim that we continually challenge ourselves to adhere to the spirit of the Ormiston Academies Trust values.

In Ormiston schools, we believe that:

  • Anyone can excel: you don’t have to be exceptionally bright or naturally gifted in order to excel at something. We know hard work, determination and perseverance pay off.
  • We should enjoy the challenge: just because something might be hard, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. We know it’s okay to face setbacks too – they can make you stronger.
  • We should share what is best: if you’ve done something or created something others would benefit from seeing or having, you should share it. We know our schools keep getting better when we all share what is best.
  • We should be inclusive: every child and adult should respect and accept that difference is normal, that everyone should be welcomed and included.