January 8, 2021

Remote Learning

First week of remote learning done!  Well done all. 

Next week we are making a few changes to the timetables, please check through the new timetable for your child carefully.  I have sent an email to all students as well.  KS3 will continue to have live event lesson and work set via SMHW.  KS4 will have teams meetings for their lessons and these will be staffed by their normal class teacher. Please talk to your child about the online expectations we have for these lessons, it is very important that your child still follows the directions of their teacher and behaves well in all cases.

These changes are to ensure that our remote offer is the best it can be,  we may make some more changes as we learn new things!  

Next week is week B.

The timetables include lessons strands – your child will be invited to the correct strand.

Thanks for your continued support. 

Mrs Pape

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