Word of the Week

Literacy is the key to a world of imagination and creativity. We all have a book, or a piece of writing, which has excited us and made us feel as if we are living within the story. Here at OIEA, we know that literacy can open doors to endless opportunities in life. We strive to develop a love of literacy in our students, so that they have the skills they need to realise their dreams.
Each half term we hold a DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) lesson which encourages more students to read on a regular basis. We don’t want any student to fall behind in their reading and we make good use of the Accelerated Reader programme to support students to develop their reading skills rapidly.

In addition to reading, we also have a WOW word of the week. This supports every member of the school community to develop their vocabulary, so that when they need to, they can excite and impress others with their use of language. Our WOW words are exciting and adventurous. In tutor time we develop the use of these words to challenge students so that they apply their new found vocabulary to engage others and spark interest. We also use WOW words in our lessons every day to embed them in our day to day language and within our written work.

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