What is an academy prefect?

Prefects are the academy’s role models. If you are a student with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform then you are a suitable candidate. However, please do not be put off from applying, if you are someone who has had problems previously in the academy but you have worked through these.

You should like working with and talking to younger students, and be able to build good working relationships with staff. You should want to make a lasting impact at the academy and be involved in decision making.

You will be expected to;

Be a role model to which younger students aspire. This includes:

  • Meet high standards of respect and courtesy, dress correctly in academy uniform, demonstrate appropriate behaviour and have outstanding attendance and punctuality
  • Carry out regular duties as required
  • Be prepared to give up some of your free time to attend meetings at lunchtime and after school
  • Work as part of a team – this means listening to others. You may have to work with people who are not necessarily your friends and who may not agree with your ideas

Prefect tasks:

When you apply to be a prefect you will be asked to opt for areas of responsibility that you are interested in. These responsibilities include:

  • Individuals will be attached to year 7 forms to help new students settle in and a small group will be responsible for buddy reading with some of our new year 7 students
  • A group of prefects will be responsible for peer mentoring students in KS3
  • Prefects will relaunch and run the Anti Bullying Ambassador programme and be on duty to support students at break and lunchtime on a rota basis
  • Prefects should take an active role in ensuring that all pupils can feel safe at break and lunchtimes
  • Student Voice will be led and organised by prefects
  • Small teams of prefects will help out with school events such as Parents Evenings
  • Prefects will be very active in fundraising for the Charities
  • A small group will make arrangements for the end of Year Eleven Prom

How do I apply?

Complete your form electronically and email it to [email protected] with Prefect Application followed by your name in the subject box
Print off the application form, complete it, and hand it in to Student Reception.

Prefect Application Form