Outreach at OIEA

At our Academy we provide a broad range of Outreach Programmes in order to offer support for our students who have high aspirations. As well as our Outreach Programmes we also have a broad range of Enrichment Activities and clubs.

Our Outreach Programmes offer support to pupils who are aiming to go to University. They are designed to enable our pupils to discover what third level education is like, as well as developing the necessary skills to help them achieve their goals and broaden their horizons:

  • World Challenge
  • The Brilliant Club
  • Discover US
  • Cambridge Trip
  • Parliament Assembly

World Challenge

DANCOP  https://www.teamdancop.co.uk and World Challenge  https://weareworldchallenge.com/uk/ collaborated to offer target learners an exciting opportunity to undertake a 10-night trip to Morocco over Easter 2019. The trip included a trek through the Atlas Mountains and learners took part in a project aiming to work and benefit the local community in a small mountain village. The key objectives of the trip were developing confidence, team building skills, increasing resilience, broadening horizons and raising aspirations.

Out of 23 places that DANCOP and World Challenge offered to schools in the local area 5 of our year 10 pupils were successful and took part of this trip of a lifetime.


The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club https://thebrilliantclub.org/ is an award winning charity that widens access to highly- selective universities for pupils from underrepresented backgrounds.

Last year 12 of our year 9 and 10 pupils took part in the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme. The Programme has been funded by DANCOP.

The Scholars Programme provides an exciting opportunity for pupils to learn more about university and third level education. The 12 pupils selected to take part in the programme will complete 7 tutorials with a PhD researcher and complete their own assignment at the end of the programme. As part of the programme the pupils will also get to take part in university visits.

The first visit to Cambridge University took place on the 28th January. Pupils were excited to take part in their first tutorial and got the opportunity to explore Trinity Hall Campus.

Discover US

Discover Us https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/outreach/pre16/discover is a three-year programme run by the University of Sheffield for pupils who are interested in finding out more about university. The programme is designed to develop knowledge of Higher Education.

The year 9, 10 and 11 pupils who apply for the programme and are successful take part in three visits a year to get to know the university campus.  They also get to meet undergraduate students and increase their confidence and communication skills. During the experience days in Sheffield University, they take part in a variety of workshops and activities that help to develop their understanding of university.  At the end of year 10, pupils are offered a residential experience to find out what it’s like to be a student.

Cambridge Trip

Each year, year 10 pupils have the opportunity to take part in a trip to visit Cambridge University. The pupils will be taking part in a series of workshops as well as exploring the university campus to discover what life at University is like and the opportunities that third level education can provide.

Parliament Assembly

In September we were delighted to have a visit from a UK Parliament Education Outreach Officer who delivered two exciting Assemblies to year 9 and 10 pupils. These assemblies inspired students and helped them to develop their knowledge of politics.

The pupils learned about the function of Parliament and how it works, campaigning and how to get involved.

This linked to one of the units they have been studying in PHSE.