Summer 2020 Exam Certificates

GCSE Certificates are available for collection from school. You will need to arrange this through the Examinations Manager, Gaynor Smith, on 01159 303724 ext 276 or email [email protected] to arrange a convenient time to collect.

  • These are important documents and must be signed for.
  • If you are collecting on behalf of someone else you will need to bring a permission letter from them in order to do so.
  • It is your responsibility to collect your certificates.
  • School is required to retain certificates for a period of 12 months but it is in your own interest to collect them as soon as possible.
  • You will be required to present original certificates at interviews.
  • You must ensure that you look after your certificates very carefully as they are expensive to replace and obtaining a Statement of Results from examination boards is a time consuming process.

Results 2020 – Grades Calculation Process

As you will be aware, the process of collating and submitting students’ results this year has been a challenge for all involved. At OIEA, with the support of the team at Ormiston Academies Trust, we believe that we conducted a fair and rigorous process in accordance with government guidelines.

For further information, please see the two guides below that OFQUAL have produced.

Student Guide Summer 2020 – from OFQUAL

Information for students about appeals and malpractice-7-8-2020 – from OFQUAL

Please read through the guidance below carefully to further understand how we undertook the process of collecting centre assessed grades.
• OIEAs fundamental principle in creating Centre Assessed Grades was in line with the directive from the Ofqual guidance which stated that each child must be awarded: ‘the most likely grade a student would have achieved if they had sat their exams this summer and completed any non-exam assessment’.
• The grades entered for students were established using clear guidance from Ofqual on the evidence base to be used to enable each teacher to arrive at a holistic professional judgement.
• All elements of each course, for example: examination elements, practical elements and Non-Examination Assessment, were taken into consideration when making our decisions. Please note that often Non-Examination Assessment (NEA) grades are higher than exam grades so we did not base our professional judgement on NEA alone.
• As well as looking at the attainment of individuals up to the point of the school closure, we also took into account of our knowledge and understanding of previous cohort performance and students’ starting points, as advised by Ofqual.
• When making our judgement we considered the following:

1. students’ performance throughout the qualification.
2. student’s mock examination scores in both sets of mock examinations in Year 11.
3. assessments undertaken in class.
4. classwork.
5. NEA and practical performances, where applicable.
6. Students who would have been entitled to special consideration and / or examination access arrangements had this taken into account when all grading and ranking decisions were made.
7. Overall attitude to their studies e.g. attendance at revision sessions.
8. Once all grades had been entered, students were placed in a rank order.

Once subject teachers had given the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for their classes a three-stage quality assurance process was then undertaken. This involved the CAGs being assessed by first the subject or faculty leader, then by the Senior Leadership Team and then by OAT. Once this whole process had been undertaken and finalised, entry of the final Centre Assessed Grades to the examination board websites was undertaken, with each individual grade then checked for administrative accuracy.

The exam boards then standardised the school’s grades against the following criteria to produce final grades:

• previous results for each centre (school, college or academy).
• the prior attainment (Key Stage 2) of this year’s students and those in previous years within each centre.
• the expected national grade distribution for the subject given the prior attainment of the national entry.

Letter to GCSE Parents Ormiston