OIEA Plans for Remote Learning 20-21

To support students in the eventuality of the need for remote learning we will be continuing to use TEAMS; to set work as well as provide live lessons that will be in different ability streams. SEND students will have live lessons via TEAMS meetings (this is where they can see the teacher and speak with them) to support their needs. The weekly tasks will be set via SMHW but students may be asked to upload work to TEAMS rather than SMHW as previously, this will be made clear. All students are to receive training in the first 2 weeks back to ensure they can access TEAMS.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to strive for high engagement from all students from remote work; staff will deliver high quality lessons remotely/in person following the curriculum as decided by their department and your son/daughter will continue to make progress through the curriculum to ensure they achieve the best outcomes they can. We will reward students who complete all work set to a high standard, this may be through phonecalls or postcards home. However, we will also support students who may be struggling through teacher and pastoral support.

There are 6 different possible scenarios that may occur in this coming academic year due to COVID19:

Scenario A-

All students in school in year group bubbles (current plan). They will follow an adapted timetable to ensure that there is reduced movement round school and that they can still access the full curriculum. Our staff will ensure that they focus on catching up all students through their everyday teaching; intervention and extra work.

Scenario B-.

Where local health protection teams recommend that large numbers of students (possibly a year group bubble) have to isolate. If this happens we will provide immediately remote learning. Students will be set work weekly on a Friday to support you and them with their planning. They will also have a live lesson per subject and 2 for core subjects, (English, maths and science) each week and all students will be expected to log onto these. We will send you out the timetable for these. If you do not have internet access in your household we will send out a weekly work pack and you will receive a weekly ‘checking in’ call. We will contact home if students are not completing work or accessing the love lessons and will support you as much as possible.

Scenario C-

Where local health protection teams recommend that the whole academy goes into lockdown due to either a spike in local area or whole country. We will provide immediately remote learning as per scenario B this will be a mixture of set work and live lessons. Again we expect all work to be completed and live lessons to be accessed. Work packs will be sent home to those without internet access and you will receive a weekly ‘checking in’ call.

Scenario D –

We will provide remote learning for students who are shielding/self-isolating or in quarantine immediately. However, to support staff workload this will be tasks set via TEAMs but will not consist of live events/lessons. We will also use the Oak Academy resources. We will monitor engagement with this work and there will be a weekly call to the student to check in with them.

Scenario E-

If a student requires additional support due to anxiety or SENd needs a phased return may be put in place in, only after discussion with Miss Stubbs or/and Mrs Marriott. In these cases, these students will need blended learning. Remote learning as well as face to face learning. Oak Academy resources may be used. A bespoke timetable will be put in place and agreed, this will include remote learning via TEAMS as per scenario D.

Scenario F:

If due to high staff absence caused by flu like symptoms we may have to request some students remain at home. Where possible parents will be informed of this the night before. However, this may not always be the case so parents will be contacted via text by 7.30am if their child is in the identified year group. No year group will be asked to remain at home for more than two days in any week. Staff will set work via SMHW by 9.00am that follows their subject curriculum.

Scenario G:

Due to an increase in COVID cases locally the DfE may recommend introducing a rota system to reduce the spread. This could be a 2 week or 1 week rota, but no less than 1 week. The rota system will consist of year group bubbles. We will let parents know which year groups are in the academy and which are not. Remote work will be set for year groups who are not in, this will consist of live lessons and remote learning as per scenario B. Vulnerable and key workers children can/must also attend but must not cross bubbles.

What can parents do to help?

  1. – Where possible ensure that your son/daughter has internet access and has downloaded the apps as requested (SMHW/Class charts/Microsoft Teams)
  2. – Support your son/daughter by creating a timetable each week of when they will complete each task including the times for their live lessons
  3. – If you can provide a quiet place to study this is really helpful
  4. – Familarise yourself with SMHW, Class charts and TEAMS so that you can support your son/daughter if necessary
  5. – Write down and keep safe their passwords for their email etc, this helps as they don’t need to wait until someone resets it
  6. – Contact us if you are struggling, in the first instance your Head of House or myself @[email protected] We are here to help and are very happy to.


Resources: – Home education:

  • tips for parents
  • Step by step guide to using Microsoft for setting of work and assessing work students –
  • Oak Resources