COVID-19 Teaching and Learning

Information regarding Teaching and Learning during the COVID_19 pandemic:

Thank you so much for the support you have shown us and your child(ren) with their home learning, it has been a fast learning curve for us all as over the past few weeks we have all learnt new skills.

We have been working hard to keep improving our virtual offer. So far, we have listened to students re the setting of work and are setting all the work at the start of the week so students can decide how they complete it; we have reduced the amount of work at KS3 in both science and maths and supported students in uploading of work to SMHW; as well as adding optional work to the noticeboard section to make it easier to navigate SMHW. Staff are working hard to ensure that your son/daughter receives some feedback each week as we know they value this.

After half term we would like to support students further through an addition of a ‘live event’ this will be where students have a weekly session with a subject specialist from our academy; see below the timetable for these, (this is subject to change). These sessions will form part of their weekly work, the sessions will address any misconceptions from the previous week, introduce the new topic and then give opportunity for some questions. They will last for about 30 minutes. To ensure that safeguarding is a priority your child will not be sharing their screen with the teacher and other students, they will be able to see and hear a member of staff and use the question and answer option (they use the keyboard to type questions) to contact the staff member. Please read the safeguarding update also on the website.  Please refer to the letter below for further details:

T&L Update June 2020

Student guide to Live Lessons and Q&A sessions:

Student guide to Live Lessons and QAs

OIEA student and staff guidance for using Microsoft teams

During this period of change to ensure our students can access staff for support of their virtual leaning we have added Microsoft teams to all student accounts. This will enable students to access ‘live events’ as well as completing work through different apps. There are some guidelines that need to be followed to ensure we keep both our students and staff safe. Please read the following guidance carefully:

Guidance for using Microsoft Teams