Careers Destination Analysis

Year 11 Progression Statistics for 2018 Leavers –

The validated figures for 2019 school leavers will be published in early 2021.


The following table shows a breakdown of the destinations of our students for the past 3 years. Data is collected based on the destination of a student at the end of the October following his or her GCSE results.

This years figures show a pleasing uplift in the number of students studying A-level courses. This not only demonstrates that outcomes for students have improved, but also that students are becoming more motivated to follow academic pathways.

Another positive in this year’s data is the increase in the number of students successful in securing apprenticeships. These schemes are highly valued and can lead students down very prosperous career paths.

Although the number of students going on to study full time on leaving OIEA has declined, this is evidence that students are being supported in finding opportunities that are right for them. Nearly all of the 18.3% of students who did not opt to go on to study full time at a college or sixth form centre have taken up a position as either an apprentice or gone into employment with approved training.

We are proud that our NEET percentage (Not in education, employment or training) remains consistently low as this demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that every students receives the advice and guidance they require to take the next steps after GCSE’s.

CEIAG @ OIEA Headline Figures [pdf]