Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy students use the Satchel One learning platform and Microsoft Teams to keep up to date and on top of all their homework.

Parents and carers have their own log in. This allows you to be able to access all the information and tools needed to get involved and support your child with the tasks they are set for completion at home, to monitor their progress and know all their homework deadlines.

If you or your child are having difficulties with accessing or navigating around Satchel One, please contact Mrs Pape, Assistant Principal, on [email protected] who will be able to assist.

Using Satchel One (Show My Homework)

You need to use student calendar view.

Using the student calendar function support page

Question: Why does my work appear in a long list? It’s really hard to locate today’s work!

Show My Homework defaults to a ‘to do’ list which orders work by date it is due. What is the ‘to do’ list?

You can look at work set in a different way and more user friendly way. Find out more here.

Question: How to I submit my work online?

Click here for guidance on how to submit work online

Question: My teacher has set a quiz how do I answer it?

Click here for a guide to show you how to answer quizzes

Any other questions? Click here

Using Microsoft Teams

This is the platform we use for live video calling lessons with teachers

Download the Microsoft Teams app for tablets, phones and desktops here


Question: What is Microsoft Teams and how to I start?

Click here to find out how to get sign in and get started with Microsoft Teams

Question: How do I know when I have a live lesson?

Firstly,  your teacher will tell you when setting the work in Show My Homework when your live lesson is and will add the link to the Microsoft Teams meeting too. You can just click that link and it will take you straight to the meeting.

To get a view of all the live lessons you have each day/week you need to click on calendar in Microsoft Teams. This will show all the meeting invites you have been sent.