Reading Videos

The following lessons have been recorded by our Principal Miss Salt. They are intended for use by year 6 students and some of the these may not be suitable for much younger students.

Miss Salt has chosen to read the novel “Wonder” by R.C. Palacio as a vehicle for exploring the key issues around transition to secondary school, however there are ideas within these reading aloud lessons linked to exploration of language and writing as well. We have produced these lessons, along with some sample lessons from subjects that may be new to them in September, as we know that we do not have the opportunity to see them in our academy until September and wish to still work with them on preparing them to be:

• less anxious about transition to Secondary school
• ready and prepared to learn
• used to staff and surroundings and have made a start (if virtually) at building relationships

These lessons can be used in primary schools for those who are moving up next academic year and are attending their school through the Pandemic, or by those who are in year 6 and are working remotely. They can also be used by any students at our partner primaries who may be attending any secondary school in the area as the themes are universal.

Parents are encouraged to get involved in discussion about the themes here and are welcome to listen along!

The author has very kindly granted schools permission to record readings of the book. Huge thanks to R J Palacio for this wonderful opportunity.  We hope that you really enjoy the readings, check back regularly for more episodes: