Vision and Ethos

Vision and Ethos

Believing that outstanding education transforms lives
Persisting until we succeed

Our vision is to be a school for the whole community. Students will be supported to succeed whatever their ability and background. They will leave ready for their next steps on to further education and beyond, and they will understand their role in the local, national and global community. A sense of pride, high standards, equality, inclusivity and acceptance of diversity will be forged through a wide range of learning opportunities not limited to the classroom or school buildings.

Teachers will also continue to learn and to develop their own skills, so that the academy always develops and continues to move forward and excellence in teaching and learning remain our priority. The mutual respect of lifelong learning in a nurturing, sharing and supportive culture will be clear to all.

The academy is committed to working with families to ensure we fulfil Ormiston’s mission to become the Trust that makes the biggest difference, both inside and outside the classroom.

Support from local business people and Universities will help students to continue a love of learning, to gain new insights and discover new opportunities into the world of work.

We are proud to be the local school for the local community. We have a reputation for supporting learners and their families to achieve their potential whilst fostering the community cohesion that makes Ilkeston so strong and so special.