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As part of our on going commitment to the use of new technologies an online reporting system called Go4Schools has been introduced at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy. The online system collects and stores details about your child’s attendance and progress. You will also be able check your child’s timetable online. Information is available to parents of all year groups, all that is required is access to the internet and an email address.

The online reporting system will replace our normal reporting communication with you. We will still be holding Parents’ Evenings but will no longer be sending paper copies of progress reports.

Please ensure you have informed school of your email address. If you do not have an email address please let us know so we can arrange to issue reports separately. Our technicians are available to give you advice on setting up an email address if required or you could visit: Google which is our recommended email provider.

To log on to Go4Schools and view your child’s progress, please click on the ‘Parents’ icon at the top of this page and follow the login instructions.

For additional information on logging on, please read the: Parents Guide to Accessing Go4Schools

If you have any problems please contact the Head of Administration Support & Data Analyst – Catherine Wright at: cwright@oiea.co.uk