June 12, 2020

Returning to School – Year 10 Information Update

If you are in year 10 returning to school in your pod next week or are continuing to come to school as the child of a key worker, please take good care of yourself and others on the way and follow the advice from the government and the NHS.

If you are using your bike to travel to school, please make sure that you have told your pod leader in advance in your phone call or by email. This enables us to prepare our entry and exit routine for helping you lock up your bike safely and hygienically.

If you have to travel by bus, please read the poster and follow the guidelines making sure that you are not travelling during peak times.

Year 10 we are looking forward to welcoming you back to your school if you have chosen to come. If you continue to work from home, we miss you and look forward to reading the work that you will submit to us.

Miss Salt

Back to school poster

Help keep our buses safe poster

Bus travel guidance poster


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