September 11, 2020

COVID Update – Social Media Reports

Dear Parents and Carers,
It has come to our attention, that social media reports about potential COVID 19 cases in our school are circulating. This information is currently untrue.
 Our school has a timetable for each year group that is COVID safe. No school is COVID secure and no school can guarantee that there won’t be a case. We have no control of children’s interactions at home, and out of school.
We expect everyone in the community to follow the rules about social distancing, wearing masks when necessary, and not meeting in large groups etc. We are all in this together and should ensure we are all thinking of others and are continually giving these messages to our children.
We follow strict guidelines from the Government and Public Health England about how to manage any student or member of staff who has presenting symptoms in school.
The symptoms are high temperature, a new and persistent cough, a loss or change to your sense of taste and smell. If you have any of these you should contact the NHS Coronavirus Helpline on 111 or access advice on NHS 111 online and book in for a test.
Just because someone has been sent home ill or to self-isolate / test, does not mean that they have the Coronavirus. It means that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep them, their families and the rest of the children safe.
If someone is ill, staff wear a face mask, visor and gloves to deal with them, even though we will not know if they do or they don’t have Coronavirus.
If there is a confirmed case, we have to follow strict guidelines about who to report this to and how to communicate with parents. We will not be keeping information secret from parents. We will never give out personal details to parents about other children or staff.
This happens in every school in the country, this is not an OIEA rule.
I urge families to think carefully about their own worries about the virus and how this can sometimes cause us to panic or to become so frightened that we cannot think carefully. Social media is often not a helpful tool for managing emotions.
I will always be the one to tell you about any confirmed cases, if we have them, in the future.
I will never release this information to anyone in the community before all parents know.
If anyone says they know different on social media, it is untrue.
If there is a case, as there has been in many other schools, we should not panic and fall apart as a community. This would not help. We must remain together and strong and help our children to cope by following the governments advice in our town:
wash hands
cover face
make space
If we help to circulate rumours, we upset ourselves and, more importantly we frighten the children. The Government has said that the best place for our children is school. Help us to be the key workers you need and to support us in doing this job well.
Unless your GP or consultant has told you that your child should not attend school because of their medical condition or your medical condition, all children should be in school.
Keep checking our website and make sure that we have an up to date mobile number for you as parents and carers, so our text alerts come straight through.
Email or phone me should you need to talk.
Miss Salt