Personal, Health, Social and (Citizenship) Education (PHSE), aims to help each student to develop into a healthy, well rounded and responsible adult. Students are encouraged to participate fully, discuss, reflect on and form their own opinions and views in PSHE lessons so that they can make informed decisions and understand the world around them. “Children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school well-being on average have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in school.” (Ofsted)

“Because you’re worth it”

The key aims are to:

  • Develop confidence and responsibility
  • Develop a healthy, safer lifestyle
  • Develop good relationships and respect the differences between people
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens
  • Develop skills of enquiry and communication
  • Actively participate and take responsible action

PSHCE staff expect all pupils to:

  • Participate fully in every lesson
  • Respect the views of others
  • Listen to the views of others and form their own opinions
  • Be able to give reasons for their opinions
  • Be sensitive to the needs and lifestyles of others

PSHE and Citizenship lessons cover the recommended elements for PSHE and the statutory elements for Citizenship that are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.
All years are taught weekly by their tutors.

In accordance with the guidelines surrounding SRE students are taught the following topics at each key stage:

Key Stage 3

Students will learn about anatomy, physiology, sexual intercourse, pregnancy and childbirth.

Key Stage 4

Students will learn about anatomy and physiology in further detail, puberty and adolescence, sexually transmitted infections, and the social and emotional aspects of relationships.
Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the SRE provided at the academy except for those parts deemed as compulsory and included in the statutory National Curriculum [1].
If a parent wishes their child to be withdrawn from SRE lessons, they should put in writing which aspects of the programme they do not wish their child to participate in and send this to the academy addressed to the PSHE Co-ordinator.