KS4 (Years 9-11)

At KS4 pupils follow a core curriculum as well as choosing 3 options. The table below outlines the number of periods allocated to each subject:

  • English 4 periods
  • Maths 4 periods
  • Science 5 periods
  • PE 3 periods
  • Option 1 3 periods
  • Option 2 3 periods
  • Option 3 3 periods

Total 25 periods

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science as well as studying for the BTEC Sport qualification. All students will initially study the same content for Science, which will lead to two GCSE qualifications. At the end of Year 10 those who have shown an aptitude for the subject will be able to study the subject in more depth and achieve an extra GCSE. This means that if successful a pupil will leave with minimum of 6 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications just from the core curriculum and those with an aptitude for Science will leave with 7.

In addition to the normal curriculum pupils receive 1 period of PSHE a week which is on a rolling program and so takes the place of a different period each week. The PSHE program is similar to the one at KS3 in that it has 6 strands which are delivered to every year group and these are: British Values and Citizenship, Sex and Relationships; Careers; Health and Wellbeing; Drugs Education; Learning to Learn. Pupils will also have the opportunity to study for a Finance qualification equivalent to a GCSE which is delivered in PSHE time and through drop down days.

In 2018-19 there will be one adaptation to the core curriculum; student will study either Business or an ICT qualification to link to the Academy’s values surrounding enterprise.


All pupils study 3 options subjects in KS4. The only requirement we have is that all pupils choose one of Geography, History, French or German to study at GCSE. They may of course choose more than one of these and those thinking of going to university are advised to seriously consider doing so. Beyond this, we believe in giving students a free choice but with the following in mind; this is the first step on the road and it is important that all children choose subjects that will provide them with the best opportunities for their future. For some pupils it will be more suitable to study our vocational (BTEC) qualifications, which can lead more directly to a career in that area. This is the list of options subjects that we currently offer:

  • GCSE French
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE German
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE Computer Science
  • GCSE Art
  • Btec Business Studies
  • GCSE Design and Technology
  • Btec Performing Arts
  • Btec Health and Social Care
  • Btec Hospitality
  • RSL Music