EXPLORE college

EXPLORE includes English and Media Studies.


At Key Stage 3 students will study a range of novels, poetry and drama texts. They will also develop the core skills assessed at GCSE level, reading writing and speaking and listening.

At Key Stage 4 students will follow the GCSE pathway most suited to their needs, either English Language and English Literature or English. In preparation for the GCSE exams they will study and complete assignments that test reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Texts for study will include prose, poetry and drama.

Students can expect opportunities to visit the theatre and work with external practitioners during Key Stages 3 and 4. The GCSE English Language and Literature qualifications are excellent preparation for AS Levels in the same subject and pursuing English at higher education level could lead to careers in journalism, teaching and law, among others.

Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies is an options subject that students can opt for in Year 10. The course is then studied throughout Year 10 and Year 11 over three periods a week. During the two years students will study a range of topics that will include the following, although these topics can change as dictated by the exam board.

  • Broadcast (Film & Television)
  • E-Media (Internet and Desktop Publishing)
  • Print (Advertising and Marketing

Course Structure: The course is designed around two units of study. Unit 1 Invesitigating the Media and Unit 2 Understanding The Media. Unit 1 is assessed through an examination and accounts for 40% of students final GCSE grade and Unit 2 is assessed through coursework and accounts for 60% of students final GCSE grade. Unit 2 coursework projects are selected on a yearly basis bute are likely to include:

  • Moving Image Analysis: The study of the opening of a film or television programme, assessed through a written essay where students apply their ability to analyse genre, iconography and media language. Also supported by a practical piece of work.
  • Cross Media Study: The study of advertising and marketing, assessed through a written essay where students demonstrate an understanding of representation and institution. Also supported by a practical piece of work.
  • Practical Prodcution: The study and creation of a music video.

Media is an ideal subject for those students who have a very keen interest in film,television, music, newspapers, magazines and the internet. It will suit students who have the ability to analyse why media products are made the way they are, who they are made for and how these types of products are made.