Business Studies

Ever wondered what it would be like to start up and run your own business? Perhaps you are interested in finding out how some businesses make so much money? Maybe you fancy a career in marketing, finance or product design.

If so, then Business Studies is a course for you.

The BTEC First Award in Business covers a range of topics, but primarily focuses on the key areas:

  • Starting up a business
  • Branding and promotion
  • Business finance and accountancy
  • Recruitment, selection and managing human resources

Students will get the chance to formulate a promotional plan for a product, investigate the human resources of successful businesses and learn the basic techniques used by accountants before finally, putting all this into practice, and planning how they would set up their own small business.

Business Studies is a subject that requires students to work hard, learn a whole host of new terminology and then put this into practice.

In the modern world, understanding how businesses work and the impact they have is becoming increasingly important. Many companies now have a larger revenue than many COUNTRIES GDP!

McDonald’s makes as much money as Latvia, Apple as much as Equador, Ford generate as much as Morocco and if Walmart was a country it would be as rich as Norway.

Business Studies is a subject that can help you understand how the world works and help you on the way to many exciting career opportunities.