ENJOY college

ENJOY college encompasses Science and Technology.

• Includes units of study from biology, chemistry and physics
• How science works looks at the science in our everyday lives
• Opportunities to use ICT equipment e.g. laptops and digital cameras
• Close links with feeder schools through a bridging project
• Classes are set from Year 7
• Assessment consists of APP (assessing pupils progress), tasks that are delivered within lessons and end of unit tests

• All pupils begin the course at the end of Year 9
• Students study two GCSEs: Edexcel GCSE Core Science – 2SC01 (QAN: 600/0772/2) and Edexcel GCSE Additional Science – 2SA01 (QAN: 600/0798/9).
• There is an opportunity to choose Edexcel GCSE Triple Science in their option choices. These additional lessons mean that they will work to achieve three separate science grades in biology (Edexcel GCSE Triple Science Biology -2BI01 (QAN: 600/0770/9)),, chemistry (Edexcel GCSE Triple Science Chemistry – 2CH01 (QAN: 600/0799/0)) and physics ((Edexcel GCSE Triple Science Physics – 2PH01 (QAN: 600/0771/0)).

Design & Technology
The core experience is about providing opportunities to combine designing and making skills to produce high quality products. Students spend one term in each of the four focus areas of food, RM, systems & control, and graphics. They experience a mixture of creative, hands-on designing and making as well as studying design and designers throughout history and safety issues during manufacturing.
Students can select one or more courses from:

AQA GCSE Home Economics (Food and Nutrition) – 4587 (QAN: 500/4388/2)
AQA GCSE Resistant Materials – 4562 (QAN: 500/4609/3)
AQA GCSE Graphic Products – 4552 (QAN: 500/4496/5)

Key Stage 4 courses allow students to develop their technology skills to a higher level and to specialise in a focus area.
Opportunities: At KS3 we offer a programme of workshops for more able and talented students. This is a problem-solving task that allows students to find a creative solution to a problem and test how well it works.

For more information please contact Claire McManus: info@oiea.co.uk