CONTRIBUTE college encompasses The Arts, PE and Media Studies.

Art and Design
Art and design is a highly successful subject offering an exciting and engaging curriculum. Students develop their creativity through the use of a variety of materials and techniques and have the opportunity to participate in ex-curricular activities including after school clubs, working with practitioners and trips to galleries and museums.

Students who choose Art as an option at Key Stage 4 will follow the syllabus OCR GCSE Art and Design – J160 (QAN: 500/4681/0).

Drama strives to provide an inclusive, creative and adaptive curriculum where we develop not only performance skills but also transferable skills such as team work, developing confidence, group work skills to name only a few. All students are entitled to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance and extended their creative skills and education. We seek out opportunities for students to collaborate with other students and professionals in the arts both from within and outside of the academy in order to build their skills, knowledge and confidence in all areas of drama and performance.

Students who choose Drama as an option at Key Stage 4 will follow the syllabus Edexcel GCSE Drama –2DR01 (QAN: 500/4578/7).

Music is a vibrant and exciting subject, which allows all students to be creative and develop skills at all levels in three key areas of performance, composition and listening, individually, in small groups and whole class ensembles.

At Key Stage 3 Music forms an important, enjoyable and fulfilling part of the curriculum for all students, where the active involvement in playing instruments, singing and using technology is a key to success.

The schemes of work are designed and organized in such a way that they enable pupils to build on their strengths and develop their musicianship year on year working on their performing, appraising and listening skills.

In addition to the timetabled music lesson students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Private music lessons are organized through the department and take place in school, tuition can be given on Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Clarinet, Drum Kit, Trumpet and Voice.

Students who choose Music as an option at Key Stage 4 will follow the syllabus OCR GCSE Music – J535 (QAN: 500/4554/4).

Physical Education and Sport

A specialist team of teachers provide high quality PE and sports opportunities to all students in the academy. Facilities include a sports hall, full sized all-weather surface, netball courts, football and rugby pitches, as well as regular access to facilitate at Rutland Sports Park.

Students who choose PE as an option at Key Stage 4 can decide to take either a short course that follows the syllabus GCSE Physical Education – 3PE01 (QAN: 500/4675/5) or a full course that follows the syllabus Edexcel GCSE Physical Education – 2PE01 (QAN: 500/4676/7).

Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies (WJEC GCSE in Media Studies – 4390LA (QAN: 500/4414/X) is an options subject that students can opt for in Year 10. The course is then studied throughout Year 10 and Year 11. During the two years, students will study a range of topics that will include the following, although these topics can change as dictated by the exam board.

  • Broadcast (Film & Television)
  • E-Media (Internet and Desktop Publishing)
  • Print (Advertising and Marketing)Media is an ideal subject for those students who have a very keen interest in film, television, music, newspapers, magazines and the internet. It will suit students who have the ability to analyse why media products are made the way they are, who they are made for and how these types of products are made.For more information please contact Joel Smith: