Vision: CREATE

We want all students use these six words to guide everything they do within the academy:

  • Contribute
  • Respect
  • Enjoy
  • Aspire
  • Trust
  • Explore


We want you to give your time and effort in achieving the highest standards for yourself.

Working hard in class and giving time to extra-curricular opportunities when you can. Volunteering your time where necessary, to help people and charities locally, nationally and globally.


We are respectful to everyone, irrespective of who they are. If we wouldn’t like it done to us, we don’t do it to others. We respect our surroundings and taking care of our equipment and academy. We follow instructions and do as we are told.


We support each other to do well and celebrate success wherever it happens. We motivate each other to the best we can and do not do anything which will make it difficult for others to achieve. We relish opportunities to learn and have fun doing it.


We strive to achieve our very best at all times in whatever we do. We have ambition and a determination to get there. We demonstrate the talents we have and recognise that we are all strong in different areas.


We listen to each other and discuss our points of view and then negotiate and compromise to come to a consensus. We relish the opportunity to work as a group and show respect for each other and understand how important these skills are for life.


We are curious about the world in which we live are keen to discover new information. We investigate thoroughly and balance the views of all sides. We are innovative and entrepreneurial, looking at new ways to learn and achieve.